Q: What are the services and information provided through the Egyptian government portal and how can I use?
The portal provides a vast number of different Egyptian government services over the Internet. Users can easily access the desired service through the portal. Moreover, user can acquire information concerning the documents/applications and procedures needed for completing services. The Egyptian government portal provides services using different approaches and alternatives of classification, to make it easier for users (citizens, businesses, investmentors, etc…) to access the desired services at minimum effort and time, this includes segmentation by service providers, personas and subjects. You can learn more about the portal sections and how to use them in our help section.

Q: What are the available channels offering government services?
A: Government services are delivered through the following channels:

  • Egyptian government portal
  • Services available through SMS listed here
  • The mobile phone portal mobile.egypt.gov.eg
  • Personal documents can be acquired through the Government Services Centers that are located over Egypt (Government Services Centers)
  • Chat with a Citizen services agent via the Egyptian government portal, available Sundays to Thursdays from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Inquiries and complaints could be reported through the portal hotline "19468" from 8am to 10 pm

Q: how can I send complaints about government services?
A: Available complaints channels are:
  • Citizens Complaint service availed on the Egyptian government portal
  • Contacting the following hotlines:

    • Number 133: Urgent therapeutic care sector at the Ministry of Health
    • Number 177: Ministry of Transportation
    • Number 125: Holding Company for water and waste water
    • Number 121: Electric Utility and Consumer Protection
    • Number 16117: Administrative Prosecution General Authority
    • Number 16177: National Authority for Social Insurance
    • Number 16035: Investment authority
    • Number 19468: Egyptian Government Portal, Ministry of state for administrative development, Electronic University Enrolment, Ministry of Social Solidarity and Justice, The Migration sector, Labor force sector, the Egyptian National Railways
    • Number 0800888666: The hotline for disabled children

Q: What are the payment methods available for acquiring government services through the Egyptian government portal?
A: User can pay using the following methods::
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Credit cards (Visa and Master cards)
  • Points of Sale "Fawry"
Q: What is an electronic signature?
A: Electronic signature is the signature used for any process that requires the user's identity confirmation. It is used in banking transactions over the Internet, also used in some services such as e-government tax filing electronically.

Law No. 15 of 2004 regulates the e-signature process and established the Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA operates the Egyptian Root Certificate Authority (Root CA)

giving licenses to digital certificate services service providers.
The national root CA is the legal and national base upon which all IT applications, E-commerce and E-business transactions will be affected. It also provides cross recognition across Egypt and to other Root CAs in different nations.

Q: How can I issue an Electronic Certificate?
You can issue e-signature certificate via the four licensed companies listed below :
Steps to issue the electronic certificates at service providers:
  • Go to the service provider
  • Fill in the application form
  • Submit all the required papers and documents required
  • Sign the contract
  • Pay the fees
  • Wait until you receive the token containing your Digital ID and PIN
  • You can now use the token in transactions enabling digital signature

For more information about the issuance work cycle and the required documents contact one of the companies mentioned above.
Q: What are the accessibility standards that the Egyptian government portal conforms to?
A: The accessibility standards are listed in detail here and summarized in the following:
  • Web browsers portal compatibility
  • Adopted standards
  • PDF files
  • Enabling Java
  • For people with special needs:
    • Hidden links
    • Shortcut keyboard access
    • How to change font size
    • Screen Readers